Full Portfolio

  • Land Cruiser Animation

    Toyota Land Cruiser which was modeled, rigged and animated using Autodesk Maya and composited using Adobe After Effects.

    You can see more details and download the Maya scene files here.

  • Tornado

    Animation was created using Autodesk Maya fluid and particle simulations and nCloths. Compositing was done using Adobe After Effects.

    You can watch the video here.

  • Watch 3D Model

    This is a 3D model of a wrist watch I created using Maya.

    See more and download

  • Demo Reel 2015

    This is my first demo reel.

    I mainly used Maya, ZBrush, After Effects and Realflow for these animations. For matchmoving Boujou was used.

    You can watch it here
  • Particle Creature

    This is a video I made using Autodesk Maya, Thinkbox Software’s Krakatoa and Adobe After Effects.


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  • A zombie wandering around

    This is a video I made of a zombie walking in a post apocalyptic neighborhood.

    Software used: Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Boujou , ZBrush

    Read more and download scene files

  • The Boy

    This is an animated shot movie I created for Halloween.

    Used software : Maya/ Photoshop/ After Effects/ Premiere/ Audition

    Watch the video here.

  • Weheragalla Samudragiri Viharaya

    This is a documentary video about an ancient temple in Sri Lanka with a historical value. The video won a certificate of appreciation for this video at the eSwabhimani Awards 2014 organised by the ICTA (Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka) and the Ministry of Telecommunication & Information Technology in Sri Lanka.



    Weheragalla Samudragiri Viharaya in Mirissa is an ancient Buddhist temple located about 10 Km away from Matara towards Galle.

    While this temple is religiously important for the residents of that area & those who are in the Southern province, it is historically important for the whole island.

    According to the history, the pioneer of the temple is Venerable Thiranagama Thero who is a descendant of Venerable Welivita Asarana Sarana Saranankara Thero.

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  • The Colombo Colts Cricket Club website

    Colombo Colts Cricket Club is one of the leading cricket clubs in Sri Lanka, which has produced many National Cricketers including the current national team captain Angelo Mathews.

    Visit Site

  • The Score Magazine

    Did the designing and layout of the 2013 Score Magazine. The magazine is issued quarterly by Sri Lanka Cricket.


    You can download a copy here.

  • SellIt – Sales Processing and Distribution System

    This application was developed using Microsoft Visual C# 2005, Crystal Reports 9 and Microsoft Access Database as the final year project of my Higher Diploma.

    You can see more details about this project and see the source code here.

  • Cricket Player Management & Performance Analysis System

    This was my MSc final year thesis project. Player Management and Performance Analysis System was developed to capture ball-by-ball data during a Cricket match. This data can be later used for post-match analysis and to assess players’ performance. The developed system runs on .NET framework and uses SQL CE database to minimize resource usage and making the system compact.

    You can find more information about the project here.

  • Snake Game

    This is a C# application I developed of a snake game.

    Application uses C# Label objects as snake’s segments.

    You can find the full source code for this project on GitHub here.

  • Travelmate

    This is a C# application developed as a research project during my BSc to demonstrate the nearest neighbor and nearest insertion algorithms.

    Once you have select the destination points the application will will calculate the best possible route to visit all selected locations.

    For this demo the app does not factor in any traffic or road conditions for it’s calculations. Calculations are based on air distance.

    You can find the full source code of this project on GitHub here.

  • PCB Driller

    Project I created in C# that calculates the drilling points, diameter and path based on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) schematic diagram.

    Application will take a PCB schematic diagram, convert it to a black and white image and analyse it using a circle identification algorithm. Once the required shape (circle) is found it’ll calculate the diameter and the center point of the drilling position.

    Once all points are calculated you can save the data in to a file. The application also finds the path to drill points using an algorithm for finding the shortest path.

    You can find the full source code of the project on GitHub here.

  • Pesticide App

    This was a collaborative project between the University of Washington and Washington State University, USA. I worked on as a volunteer to develop the Android app which provide information about pesticides to the users. The app is multilingual(English and Spanish) and support both online and offline access. App was developed using Ionic framework. You can see the source of the app on the Github repository here


    Or see more details here