Home automation with Raspberry Pi and Teensy – v2 – WIP

ITEAD display-Home automation

This is the version 2 of the home automation system using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Teensy and ESP8266 s.  The security panel display was upgraded to a 5” TFT with an improved UI.

Further the system has a NiMh battery management (using DS2715 NiMH Battery Pack Charge Controller) and a power path management (using LTC4412 Low Loss PowerPath Controller) circuit. The project can be found on GitHub here. (Still WIP).

Schematic of the security panel circuit

Schematic of the security panel circuit



Wiring without the battery management and power path management components.


The custom PCB was designed using Altium designer.


Custom PCB

Custom PCB



PCB with components



PCB without components


Below are few screens of the security panel.

Home assistant and MQTT broker is running on a Raspberry Pi. It is running its own DHCP server and AP so all the nodes can connect to it.

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