This was my MSc final year thesis project. Player Management and Performance Analysis System was developed to capture ball-by-ball data during a Cricket match. This data can be later used for post-match analysis and to assess players’ performance. The developed system runs on .NET framework and uses SQL CE database to minimize resource usage and making the system compact. Below you can see few screenshots of the application's UI.

The main objective of the system is to provide the authorities at Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) with a solution for performance analysis which allows matches to be recorded live, with statistical information and specific video instances recorded for review in real-time thus providing information for pre-game and in-game decision making.

The system has functionality to analyze batsmen against a particular bowler, bowler's guard, delivery type, height of the ball, particular field position, pitch of the ball, shot type, shots played. On selection of any of the parameters, the statistics change dynamically and the appropriate video clip can be seen with the normal speed, slow motion and frame by frame.

At the same time the system provides facilities to view and analyze a bowler against a particular batsman, his bowling guard, delivery type, height of the ball, particular field position, pitch of the ball, shot played by the batsman.

The video capturing component in the system enables both player and training staff to review individual player's performance numerous times during and after a conclusion of a match, reducing observer bias and increasing the quality and accuracy of information.

During a match or at the conclusion of a match, all authorized parties will have access to these video footages and statistical data. This information provides the coach, trainers and players the opportunity to observe how well they performed and the areas where they can improve. The system also allows capturing of other teams as well

For the video capturing module of the application DirectShow.NET library was used. The purpose of this .NET library is to allow access to Microsoft's DirectShow functionality from within .NET applications. This library supports both Visual Basic .NET and C#.

Source code can be found on GitHub